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The goal was to create a web presence and identity for the multi-faceted artist Amber Lyn Simard.

The project began with a great deal of back and forth conversation, largely centered around her goals and overall use of the site. She strongly desired something simple, but atypical, something clean and flexible.


Ambalamb Logo

Her online pseudonymn ambalamb was an integral part of the identity. We decided that it was the best approach for what she was trying to accomplish in terms of identity and branding.

From there the logo was built out as a geometrically inspired graphical representation of a lamb. The goal was to be as versatile as possible so that it could easily fit into the largest array of use cases, but without losing personality. The typeface chosen was Bariol, for its clean & simplistic qualities. The composition was neither too vertically or horizontally spread. This allowed for a wider range of balanced uses.

Web Presence

Atypical was emphasized quite a bit in our communications, and to accomodate that I implemented a horizontal scrolling gallery for viewing various categories of work. This provided a means to be different, without going overboard with useless bells and whistles. It gave the work the maximum level of presence on the page without obtrusive light boxes, popups, or constant subpage loads for individual images.

The horizontal scroll bar was removed and eventually brought back for added user experience.

The nav and logo placement were kept simple, and a descriptive title section was added to the header of every page.

Text only pages were brought into play with an appropriately typeset and centered layout. Nothing but the absolute necessary was added here.

In the End

The overall goals were reached in the first iteration and a strong identity was established.

Since time was very tight, several features had to be cut for future iterations (that I'll be working on), not the least of which was a more responsive approach to the layout at specific break-points.

The Future

I'm already underway on adding a more responsive approach to the site for mobile and tablet devices. This was not a first iteration priority, but has moved up the list of importance for the next round. Amber has also branched out a bit more in what forms of content she wants represented on the page, so I'll be growing the design into a direction that better accomodates the new directions she has envisioned.

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Dear Reader,

Recently, I started a new project to add more art to web folks, and add more web to art folks. It's called and I'd love for you to check it out.

P.S. This portfolio site is still new, so if you spot something odd, let me know. @stephencreates