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I’m on a mission. I’m here to inject heart and ethics into what I build, to be mindful, to be aware of how I affect the world with the things I put into it.

Some of what I do is telling stories to computers, that then tell stories to people—we call that coding. And if you’ve done a proper job then your audience—your users, they’ll tell others a good story about you.

That’s building, stories on top of stories.

And the rest of the time I’m telling stories with lines, and paint, and panels, and pixels. I’m molding a visual narrative. I’m building an experience.

The work that I do is an objective of clarity, where function matters, and empathy is paramount. The world is as it is, because we designed it that way. We told stories, and then we kept telling ourselves and each other those same stories.

I’m on a mission. I’m here to tell stories, whether they be in code, or prose, or panels, or designs. Stories matter.

What story can I help you tell?

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About Stephen

I’m a designer who codes, a coder who designs, an illustrator, cartoonist, and writer.

I love borderland spaces.



Dear Reader,

This site you see before you began as most things I've created, a small black seed planted firmly in the fields of my head. I've watered it, let it have just enough sun, but it's not quite there yet. It's still got a bit of growing to go, so be forgiving of my little mind sapling while it figures itself out.

It's inside of a strange new world and doing its best.